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Review: Fromage toujours bon! Jamais été décu n'a aucune odeur bizard!

Raizen rated Telemea (Cow) (Cheeses ) on November 16 2008
Review: The Best Cheese

mihaela rated Telemea (Cow) (Cheeses ) on November 8 2008
Review: yummmmm

Oana rated Telemea (Cow) (Cheeses ) on October 17 2008
Review: Ok,maybe not the best cause i prefer the one made of sheep milk:DBut still,this one is so good,especially for deserts...Love it!

SolariX rated Telemea (Cow) (Cheeses ) on October 17 2008
Review: Just when i think about telemea.. my mouth waters. It goes very well with hot bread and some tomatoes.. i could eat that everyday and i wouldn't get bored :)

SolariX added Telemea (Cow) (Cheeses ) on October 17 2008
Soft, white cheese with creamy texture and a tangy aftertaste. It is used as a table cheese for snacks and in salads. Traditional, rind-free, Romanian cheese with a whitish paste. Cumin seeds are occasionally added for a spicy, nutty flavor. Paste...