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Chandigarh, Chandīgarh, India  India

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Sandra Scholes

  • Wakefield, England, United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • 2 reviews
sandy01 rated Zoomerge (Newspapers ) on June 17 2017
Review: I like this website for daily news. It's very helpful and easy to read.

sandy01 added Zoomerge (Newspapers ) on June 17 2017
International News, Breaking News Live, Sports News, Technology Updates, Entertainment News and Travel Highlights.

SolariX added La Presse (Newspapers ) on February 16 2013
La Presse is a broadsheet newspaper, aimed at a middle-class readership. Its main competitor is the daily tabloid Le Journal de Montréal, which aims at a more popular audience. La Presse comprises several sections, dealing individually with arts, ...

SolariX added West Island Gazette (Newspapers ) on February 16 2013
The Gazette offers award-winning editorial content with a variety of sections and features that readers have come to depend on, and look forward to. The Gazette's weekly TVtimes, special sections throughout the year, and weekly West Island co...

Tuscan rated The Windsor Star (Newspapers ) on October 27 2008
Review: I have never seen as many corrupt articles as in this paper. They have such a way of twisting the trusth out of every story so much that it disrespects its citizens and creates a false image of our city to outsiders. I hope someone will have the...

semigod rated Cumhuriyet (Newspapers ) on October 5 2008
Review: It is a very biased newspaper. Especially supporting anything that People's Party of Republic (CHP) thinks or does. It has very narrow perspective. There's no diversity of thoutgh.

Oana rated Libertatea (Newspapers ) on October 1 2008
Review: Ok

Oana added Libertatea (Newspapers ) on October 1 2008
Most of the people in Bucharest read this newspaper.It's ok,but not the kind of newspaper i like to read!

boomie rated Cumhuriyet (Newspapers ) on September 29 2008
Review: The choicest newspaper...

boomie rated Dünya (Newspapers ) on September 24 2008
Review: It is left on my desk everyday :) The best neswspaper for business leaders ...